Monday, September 6, 2010

New TV?

There's a new store being opened near hear, and hopefully I'll be able to get me a nice new tv... to get some nukes on. :D If you can't tell, I really like MW2. Me and my homies poop on people lol.

Here's one I'm looking at but it's still uncertain.


  1. I prefer PC gaming but that's just me.

    Then again, I heard that MW2 wasn't that great for PC.

  2. Some games I prefer on PC, but others (like MW2) I would only like on a console. The PC version is full of hackers, as are various other PC online FPSs, and that gets really annoying, really fast.

  3. Honestly if you're trying to be super competitive play on a moniter. Larger tvs will always have some screen lag which may not seem like much to a casual player but to a "pro" its a big deal.

  4. Nuke in HD will be beautiful.

  5. I think it depends on the brand of the TV because I hardly noticed any loss of FPS on a 48 inch Sony.

    Yes, it would. :D

  6. thanks for the comments on my blog... you've got some great content on yours too!