Friday, September 10, 2010

Jersey Shore SUCKS

Am I the only one who thinks this? I mean seriously, I have my homepage set to Yahoo, and hardly any days go by that these retards aren't somewhere on the page. It's really annoying, but the reason I have it to Yahoo is because of the news, but it's sometimes apparently more important as to what the hell that rodent faced chick wore that day, than what's going on with the Chilean miners or all those landslides for example...


I think I might just change it over to Google, simple and nothing on the page to annoy me. That reminds me, am I also the only one who thinks this Snooky chick is ugly? Holy hell, it seems like everyone is all over her balls like she's some sort of goddess or something and the girl isn't even really that pretty... at all. Fake ass tans and stupid facial expressions ruin it for me.

Pictured: Nothing attractive.


  1. I'm bored :P

  2. Never seen it and not planing on ever watching it. I have only heard bad things about that show.